Hello and welcome to Catzwhiskerz!

This site has two main themes. The first is devoted to our three cats Pixel, Curzon and Odo, so there are lots of pictures for cat lovers. Also featured is a memorial page to our kitten Tasha, who died at only 6 months old.

The second theme is my Open University studies. I studied with the Open University (OU) which is located in Milton Keynes, England, UK for six years. It has become an important part of my life, and I have decided to add pages to this site for some of the subjects I've studied so that others may hopefully benefit from my experiences. I'm currently taking a short break from OU studies as we are moving house this year.

My Open University link takes you to an index page featuring the courses I have done and my reviews of them. The list of courses is getting quite long and includes:

  • MT262 - C++ programming.

  • Web Applications - Web Design courses.

  • M206 - Object-oriented programming using Smalltalk.

  • M358 - Relational Databases.

  • S282 - Astronomy.

  • S103 Discovering Science.

Climate change and Global Warming

Join in the climate prediction experiment!

This is a world-wide experiment to try to produce a forecast of the climate for the 21st Century. If you are concerned about the effects of climate change and global warming, this is something you can be involved in. To find out more, there is lots of information at www.climateprediction.net

The weather forecast where I live:






More Cat Pics

Tasha Memorial

Open University

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